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300tube First We Feast   19 June, 2017

The Perfect Doughnut, According to Wylie Dufresne | Food Skills

In Manhattan, chef Wylie Dufresne is practically synonymous with fine dining. As the owner of critically-acclaimed restaurants like wd~50 and Alder, Dufresne brought the concept of molecular gastronomy—a movement that blends science and food—to New York City. For his latest project, Dufresne has chosen to scale things back: instead opening an old-fashioned doughnut shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Still, at Du's Donuts and Coffee, there's a meticulous attention to detail that extends past your typical fried pastry joint. With flavors like strawberries and cream, pomegranate sesame, and peanut butter yuzu, Dufresne's latest venture is a doughnut-lovers playground. 

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