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300tube TPS   8 January, 2017

10 INSANELY Bold Sports Predictions for 2017

10 crazy predictions for 2017

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What bold sports predictions do you think will happen in 2016?

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Well, 2016 sure was a fun year for sports. 

A lot of crazy stuff happened. A 39-year-old, beat-up Peyton Manning retired as a Super Bowl 50 champion. The 73-win Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Speaking of that, a Cleveland sports team won a championship.

Oh, and the Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year World Series drought by taking the crown in 2016.

We bet 2017 can be even crazier. Today we dive into 10 insanely bold sports predictions for the year 2017.

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Video Editor + Host: DeQwan Young
Written By: Alex Hoegler

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