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300tube Rshill7   8 June, 2017

Kellyanne Conway! On Today's Events and Pres Trump's Agenda!

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6-8-17...7:14 PM EST.

Posts WATCH: NBC hosts baffled as Kellyanne Conway attacks them for covering Trump’s tweets
Posts Some Brand New Kellyanne Conway!
Posts "He's Lost All Credibility with Me" Gen Jack Keane on James Comey!
Posts Alan Dershowitz Weighs in on James Comey Testimony. Very Interesting!
Posts The Latest from Sean Spicer, Fake News, and Democrat Disarray!
Posts Kellyanne Conway: Sometimes Trump Lies Because He Doesn't Know the Truth, Okay?
Posts Anderson Cooper CALLS Out Kellyanne Conway for BIG LIES About Comey Firing, "That's Just NOT True"
Posts Dianne Feinstein: Should Subpoena If Tapes Exist Of Donald Trump/Comey Talks | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Posts "RELEASE the TAPES trump" Chuck Schumer REACTS to the james comey testimony russia investigation
Posts Powerful Statement from President Trump's Personal Attorney!
Posts The Latest from Kellyanne Conway.
Posts All The Latest from Kellyanne Conway! 6-19-17
Posts Ted Cruz: Travel Ban, Protecting U.S. Citizens, and James Comey Testimony
Posts Ann Coulter Finally Weighs in on the James Comey Thimgamabob!
Posts The Very Latest from Alan Dershowitz! Interesting!
Posts CNN Asks Kellyanne Conway Five Times What POTUS is Doing to Stop Election Hacking - No Answer
Posts Senator Rubio Questions James Comey
Posts Kellyanne Conway gets DESTROYED in An Interview With Michael Wolff
Posts Kellyanne Conway gets called out by Anderson Cooper
Posts ‘Does He Have a Job Today?’: Kellyanne Conway Hints MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Should Be Fired
Posts Bill Bennett and Karl Rove Weigh in on Today's Big Event!
Posts Sen Lindsey Graham Makes Several Good Points Here!
Posts "Reality Winner" Was in Court Today. Here's the Latest on That!
Posts Marco Rubio Doesn't Think President Trump Purposely Impeded FBI Investigation | NBC Nightly News
Posts Kellyanne Conway Is Caught Revealing Her True Feelings About Trump
Posts Sean Spicer from the White House Lawn!
Posts Comey's a Big Fat Leaker and an Investigation is a Matter! Political Hack Much?
Posts Senator Cotton Questions James Comey
Posts Russia Meddling? Obama Did Nothing! Any Blame There? Nope!
Posts Jake Tapper On Interviewing Kellyanne Conway - CONAN on TBS
Posts Kellyanne Conway's interview tricks, explained
Posts Rand Paul Cannot Yet Support Senate Healthcare Bill. He Explains.
Posts Mika: Here's Why I Won't Book Kellyanne Conway | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Posts Ted Cruz Cannot Yet Support Senate Healthcare Bill. He Explains.
Posts Excellent Commentary on How Pathetic Desperate Democrats Are!
Posts Jason Chaffetz Comments on Vile, Virulent, Democrat Crap!
Posts Kellyanne Conway's husband mocks Trump's tweets on travel ban
Posts Senator Blunt Speaks About James Comey Leaking his Own Memo!
Posts Kellyanne Conway Isn’t Even Trying To Make Sense Anymore
Posts Kellyanne Conway Has No Idea What’s Going On At The White House
Posts KILL SHOT! Kellyanne Conway Just Said One Thing That’ll Blow The Whole Russia Case Wide Open
Posts A New Pres Trump Interview! Here's a Glimpse! Airs Tomorrow!
Posts Kellyanne Conway: President Trump ‘Stands Firm With People Of The United Kingdom’ | TODAY
Posts Kellyanne Conway Tries To Clean Up The Trump Investigation Mess On Fox News
Posts James Woolsey on Comey and Today's Intel Hearing. Good Stuff!
Posts Kellyanne Conway, Infrastructure Week, and The Full Agenda!
Posts Kellyanne Conway Heated Interview With Alisyn Camerota ‘Russia, Russia’
Posts Will JJ EVER Come Out of Her Shell?
Posts Kellyanne Conway Wants Cable News Hosts Fired For Criticizing Trump
Posts Kellyanne Conway Fails - Compilation of her worst moments