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300tube World 5 List   7 June, 2017

8 Pet Animals That Ate Their Owners

Animals, especially wild animals which people treat are pets can turn on their owners really quickly when treated badly or even at random. These pets all attacked and or ate their own owners.

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Pet Animals That Ate Their Owners

People often joke about becoming the old cat lady who is going to end up being eaten by the little fur devils. It's all a funny joke about being single until it happens to you. There have been many cases throughout history of people who have owned pets that have gone on to kill and eat them. Sometimes the pets didn’t even wait for their owners to be completely dead before nibbling on their writhing bodies. There are also many cases where some lower IQ people decided that they would keep undomesticated animals as house pets which obviously could only end in gore and massacre. No matter what the circumstance may be we will cover them here. So join us as we look at 10 times when pet animals at their owners. 
Ravenous Pugs
Pugs! The dogs that are so ugly that they are cute. But don’t feel too much pity for the world's most popular inbred house pet, because when things get tough they will do anything to survive. Anyone out there who owns a pug knows that there are few things that they will not eat and human flesh is not one of the exceptions. Once upon a time in Nebraska, 2 pugs named Harry & Sally were happily living a life of seclusion with their owner. 
Pet Tigers
If Kellogg's told you about Tony The Tiger’s dark dietary past would you still think that he was so grrrreat? Well here is a story about one of his cousins that got a bit tired of frosted flakes and decided to try a slice of his owner. Cynthia Lee Gamble operated the Center For Endangered Cats. 
Pet Python’s
We all should have learned 2 important things from watching the movie Anaconda. 1. Ice Cube cannot act. 2. Snakes are the scariest creatures in the world and should never be kept as pets. Apparently there is was one Florida family out there who never learned these valuable. In 2011 a 2 year old girl by the name of Shaianna Hare was killed by her family’s illegal pet Python. 
Travis The Chimpanzee
You have likely heard about this story as it was international news in 2009. Travis the Chimp was a famous animal actor that was seen on The Man Show and The Maury Povich show in the years prior to the event. The 200 pound Chimp was raised and socialized in a couple’s Stamford, Connecticut home for nearly 13 years. 

Humphrey The Hippo
A South African farmer by the name of Marius Els was known for raising some exotic animals on his estate. One of those animals was a hippopotamus name Humphrey. Marius had owned the hippo since it was a mere 5 months old. 
Herbert & Jane Walden
Herbert and Jane were a mother and son who lived with each other in Northwestern, Pennsylvania. Jane was 94 and was unable to take care of herself so her 74 year old son Herbert took on the responsibility… He didn’t do the greatest job of it either. The house was in shambles. 
Hog Wild

Coos county was mostly famous for legendary track & field athlete Steve Prefontaine. That was until the bay area town gained a group of murderous pigs. A local farmer by the name of Terry Vance Garner had been raising some abnormally large pigs for a few years. It is reported that one of the larger pigs weighed over 700 pounds which is twice the size of a normal pig.  
The Non-Consensual Camel
This might be one of the strangest stories of a pet animal that killed their owner. A group of ranchers in Brisbane, Australia owned a few camels. One of them was particularly touchy and by touchy we mean he liked to straddle and hump his owners. On one occasion this amorous camel ambushed his owner and humped her to death and had a few nibbles while he was at it. The husband found his wife's violated corpse and knew immediately what had transpired. 

These have been just a few occasions where pet animals have eaten their owners. Let us know a few of your favorite stories in the comments below. Until then keep a close eye on your fur babies because they might just feel hungry for a different kind of food.

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