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300tube Screen Rant   18 June, 2017

10 Dark Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Pixar Films

Happy Fathers Day! While dads can teach their kids life lessons, so can Pixar - however, they are darker than you would imagine! 10 Dark Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Pixar Films! Subscribe to our channel :

Pixar movies are known for their imagination, likable characters, and smart humor. While children fall in love with characters like Woody, Dory, and Merida, they may not realize some of the life lessons that are being portrayed to them. Stories of friendship, happiness, and hope are all great, but Pixar also has a lot of dark themes that children are processing. Watch to see these themes and how they've been conveyed through some of the most popular animated films of the past decade.
For example, many themes in Pixar films showcase how mankind is the cause of destruction to so many things. In the movie Wall-E, the whole Earth is filled with heaps of trash. These movies also teach children that danger is literally everywhere. In the ocean, on the road, and even in your own head. No where is safe and disaster can strike at any random spots. Pixar films like Up and The Incredibles showcase that it's not always a good idea to meet your hero. They will most likely let you down. It's not just heroes either. Government officials and leaders cannot be trusted and this has been conveyed through films like Monsters Inc. Pixar movies typically have a lot of strong female leads, but there is still a lot sexism present in these movies. Children can also watch these movies and learn that everyone grows up. There's no stopping or changing things. And worst of all, sometimes dreams don't always come true as seen in films like Monsters Inc. and Cars.

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