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300tube TheHUB   18 June, 2017

10 Things That Will Happen To The Earth In A Billion Years

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At nearly four and a half billion years old, the Earth has been through countless turbulent periods and trajectory-changing growing pains. Imagine how much more change can happen in another billion years. This green and blue orb we know and love will have been through a whole makeover. In fact, if you were to pass it on a cosmic street corner, you probably wouldn’t even recognize it. Although we’ll be long gone by that time, the rocks deep below and the atmosphere high above will bear witness to changing climates, erupting super volcanoes, and mass migrations. Beyond changes in plate tectonics, shifting of oceans, icing of continents and the burning of our ozone -massive changes in technology and the evolution of every living species on our planet could have an unforeseen effect on Mother Earth’s future. And as always, external threats could end the natural biological order of living organisms in new and strange ways. Massive asteroids could crash into us, our moon could shift out of our orbit, and the sun could send powerful solar storms our way to disrupt planet’s electrical and magnetic makeup. 
Here at TheHub, we’ve found the most Surprising Things That Will Happen To Earth In A Billion Years. While any one factor can change the outcomes for all of these predictions, scientists the world over have analyzed the rocks beneath our feet to develop general theories for where we’ve been and where we’re going. Sure, expect to see flying cars and teleporters in the next hundred years. But the next billion years promise to make this place we call “home” totally unrecognizable.
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