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300tube Tamil Bells   16 June, 2017

10 Questions that Science Can't Answer Yet

For every single incident science can easily answer, but here are 10 questions that science can’t answer yet. When the Black Death ran rampant through cities in the middle Ages, no one knew exactly how or why the awful disease spread. After many generations, we figured out that rat fleas and bacteria were to blame. It was a watershed moment for the power of science.
Centuries later, science continues to investigate difficult, bewildering questions every day. Yet even with brilliant minds converging via a worldwide computer network, we still don't have all of the answers. In fact, some people might argue that we're just now learning to ask the truly big questions.
What happens to us after we die? How did so much life appear on our planet when others seem devoid of any species at all? Who, if anyone, pulls the strings of our universe? Is it some all-powerful god in control or are there physical and mathematical principles driving the engine of our existence?
Sometimes, after centuries of missteps, we humans finally stumble into real answers to real questions, such as why diseases spread. Other times, we're left grasping into the darkness of our own ignorance and wondering what any of it really means. In some cases, these questions are so difficult that even our children's children will probably still be struggling for answers. But humanity will keep trying.

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