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300tube Rshill7   15 June, 2017

History of Repeated Calls to Congress! Here's One Such Congressmen!

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6-15-17...8:12 AM EST.

Posts Michelle Malkin: "Climate of Hate and Assassination Fascination!"
Posts Out of Control Investigations. Alan Dershowitz!
Posts Judge Nap: Baseball, AR-15, D.C., Scalise, Comey, and Mueller
Posts The Latest from Sean Spicer, Fake News, and Democrat Disarray!
Posts Right On Cue! Gun Control! Gun Control! Here's Dana Loesch!
Posts The Very Latest from Alan Dershowitz! Interesting!
Posts Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino! Spot on Awesome!
Posts Dan Bongino to the GOP: What's it Going to Take? Go For It!
Posts Jason Chaffetz Comments on Vile, Virulent, Democrat Crap!
Posts Two More Eyewitnesses! Rep Wenstrup and Sen Jeff Flake! Wow!
Posts Russia Meddling? Obama Did Nothing! Any Blame There? Nope!
Posts Gowdy decries leaks out of Coats meeting with House intelligence
Posts WATCH: Dem senator won’t let Betsy DeVos off the hook on taxpayers funding anti-LGBT private schools
Posts A New Pres Trump Interview! Here's a Glimpse! Airs Tomorrow!
Posts Sean Spicer from the White House Lawn!
Posts Ted Cruz Cannot Yet Support Senate Healthcare Bill. He Explains.
Posts Rand Paul Cannot Yet Support Senate Healthcare Bill. He Explains.
Posts Dan Bongino is in the House! Love it!
Posts CNN Asks Kellyanne Conway Five Times What POTUS is Doing to Stop Election Hacking - No Answer
Posts Will JJ EVER Come Out of Her Shell?
Posts The Latest from Ann Coulter
Posts President Trump's Full Official Statement on Baseball Field Shooting!
Posts Don’t Let the Senate Reject the New Health Care Bill!Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!
Posts Mark Steyn on Leftist Tactics!
Posts Dennis Skinner kicked out of Commons for calling David Cameron "dodgy Dave" - BBC News
Posts Democrats Devastated over Karen Handel Win over Jon Ossoff
Posts A New Pres and Mrs Trump Interview Sneak Peak!
Posts Stinchfield | Bill Whittle: A Country In Crisis - 6/22/17
Posts Rep Davis Was up at Bat When Alexandria Baseball Incident Began
Posts President Trump Weekly Address
Posts Former State Dept Emp Raided For Selling Top Secret Info to China!
Posts A Little More from that Pres Trump Interview!
Posts Excerpt from VA Legislation Event # 1
Posts More of That Pres and Mrs Trump Interview! Woot!
Posts President and Mrs Trump Visit Steve Scalise in the Hospital
Posts CNN Newsroom | Trump Acknowledges Russian 'Meddling' in Tweet Criticizing Obama | 6/24/17
Posts Some Really Cool Pics and Clips from White House Picnic!
Posts Steve Scalise Loves Him Some Baseball!
Posts Glimpse of Upcoming Interview with Ivanka Trump!
Posts Morning Joe - Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana defends cuts to Medicaid.
Posts NEWS CNB LIVE : Trey Gowdy || House Judiciary Committee||Bringing Justice Closer Event
Posts Bill Whittle's Hot Mic | Tim Graham: The Left Eat Their Own - 6/22/17
Posts Mika: Feels Like a "Dictatorship" Developing
Posts Johnny Depp Asks "When Was the Last Time An Actor Assassinated a President?"
Posts Russia Claims to Have Killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi! # 2
Posts Congress Demands Comey Turn Over Damning Memos…His Response Has Americans Furious!
Posts Democrats in Congress Sue Trump Over Foreign Business Dealings
Posts Liberal Huffington Post Is Desperately Cleaning House After SICK Tie To Congress Killer Has Just Bee
Posts NBC Just SCREWED Themselves With What Was Caught On Congress Attack Broadcast They Didn’t Know Was S