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300tube Galactic Service   13 May, 2017

Aliens & Inter-Dimensional War with Alex Jones & Joe Rogan

Alex Jones gives his best deep research approximation about aliens, the elite, inter-dimensional psychic vampires, the nature of reality and state of the world.

Full Podcast - Joe Rogan Experience #911 - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo:


Thanks to:

Alex Jones

Joe Rogan

Eddie Bravo


Featured artists:

Neil Hague

Alex Grey


Special Thanks:

Young Jamie Vernon


Fair use disclaimer: 

This video was made for entertainment and educational purposes only. Use of copyrighted material in this video falls within fair use.


Context disclaimer:

This video features clips spread out over an almost 4 hour podcast which was fueled by whiskey and california's best medical grade cannabis. 

To get the full context of the conversation please watch the full podcast linked above.


Note from the editor:

Some have misunderstood what I was trying to do with editing here. It was not to make Alex look crazy but to emphasize his points in a way that makes it more entertaining and compelling to watch.

I agree 95% with what Alex is saying in this video and genuinely hope his message spreads. 

Alex will often tell the truth in a wild and crazy way to get peoples attention. He's been criticized for it in the past because one could argue it discredits his points... But you have to admit it works!

He recently said as a response to being called a 'performance actor' that if he lays out facts about fluoride in a propper academic way he won't get much attention.

But when he dresses up as 'The Joker' from batman in a wild performance piece he will get millions of views and draws attention to the important issues. 

I hope that at least explains where I'm coming from when editing this video the way I did. It certainly wasn't ment in a malicious way. 

I absolutely love Alex Jones and only wish to help him spread awareness about important issues and deep mysteries of life. 


Thank you for watching.


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