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300tube vlogbrothers   21 April, 2017

The Adpocalypse: What it Means

Am I concerned? Absolutely. Watching revenue tank in early April was terrifying, but it also got us thinking about lots of other ways to support this content which I am excited about. 

YouTube has created a smoother (still rocky) path for independent creators to start making revenue, but the automatically sold advertisements have always been a the kind of prices that only very large channels can make significant revenue (we are lucky enough to run some of those.)

We need more systems and better systems to help independent creators make good stuff on the internet, and spending actual money (rather than spending time and attention watching ads) is vital to that. So, thank you to everyone who has ever bought merchandise or supported one of our projects on Patreon. Of course, we know that not all people can afford to do that, but the fact that some can make it so we can make these things for everyone.

Here is a great video about how YouTube's ad selling mechanisms work from CGP Grey:

And if you want to learn more about the Internet Creators Guild:

And here is the podcast I host talking with creators about their strategy and goals and etc:

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