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300tube   15 December, 2015

How To Induce a Lucid Dream in 9 Seconds: Part 1

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My FILD technique tutorial! If you don't read this whole description, somewhere, somehow, a really cute puppy starts crying. 

This is my guide to the finger induced lucid dreaming technique.  This method involves focusing on the 'movement' in your fingers at an early time in the morning. 

This focus will induce a lucid dream in 9 seconds. The FILD technique is a great induction technique and it's great for beginners and advanced dreamers alike. 

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Lucid Dreaming is the ability to become self aware in your dreams. It's a proven skill and it can be used to improve your sleep quality, control your dreams, stop having nightmares and much more. I teach people how to control their dreams in these videos. Subscribe if you enjoy them!

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