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300tube ProjectClarity   29 January, 2017

KellyAnne Conway Unleashed On Chris Wallace! Back Off Chris “I’ll Rip You A New One”! Laughs!

It seems that Trump has unleashed his entire inner circle on the Media/Fake News! Watch out Media. Media hunting season is officially open and you are the prey. How refreshing it is to see these people around Trump be let loose on the Media, and they love it! Steve Bannon blows the Media wide open and Reince and KellyAnne just keep piling on! It’s hysterical! 
While discussing Bannon’s statement that regarding the media and that it “should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Conway said, “What my colleague Steve Bannon is saying is why don’t you talk less and go listen to America more.”

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