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300tube Kroft talks about Movies   10 June, 2017

People on Paradise Are NOT Engineers - Who Are They ? - Alien Covenant

People on Paradise or Planet 4 are not Engineers.
The planet David bombed is not the Engineers home wold.  
Many people have assumed that they are Engineers because at the end of Prometheus Shaw instructed David to take her to the engineer homeworld to obtain the answers. But given that Shaw was put in cryosleep and David always has his own plans, he could go to a completely another planet.

Based on that and other evidence from the movie and the Prologue Promo I think that those humanoid beings that David bombed are not Engineers and I have a theory how they relate to humans and the actual engineers that we’ve seen in Prometheus. Ridley also never said they’re not Engineers, he left it quite ambiguous for people to ponder and think.

If they were Engineers and David Destroyed them then who’s in the space jockey seat that would be discovered 30 years later. 

Also, When David lands the Juggernauts, these beings are marveling and excited at the presence of the ship. If you look closely you’ll see a crowd flow out from some kind of temple to a massive arena.

They also look slightly different than Engineers, they’re equally bold for some reason but their skin is not as pale and they're are shorter.

Also If they were Engineers, they would have countermeasures due to being experienced in the effects of the Goo since it appears that they created the Black Goo in the first place.

The inhabitants of the Paradise don’t have any means of protection and when David attacked them They all just ran, confused and unable to grasp what was happening and how they could survive it.

The city was noticeably rural and primitive even compared to the current urban architecture not even considering that Engineers are intergalactic and highly advanced species capable of creating life.

All this evidence leads to the point that people that David destroyed are completely another race created by Engineers. Possibly their planet is another branch of "humanity" seeded by the engineers just like the earth was.  By their appearance, they are genetically closer to Engineers than humans. 

Inhabitants of Paradise worshiped Engineers and viewed them as their Gods, Pretty much like ancient civilizations on Earth. in their mythologies, it written that a long time ago Gods lived amount ordinary people and ruled them. Gods are also portrayed like giants in Ancient Egypt and other cultures which is so similar to what we See in Prometheus and Alien Covenant.

Probably Engineers left the Planet 4  a very long time ago, just like they left Earth and finally after 2000 years the Juggernaut finally arrives and these people celebrate the return of Engineers. But unfortunately it’s David and not their creators. 

But I think he knew that the Planet was populated by other humanoid species and purposely destroyed it for another reason. Since David is obsessed with killing his creators and the creators of his creators he thought that the Black Goo would not be strong enough as a weapon to whipe out the Engineers. For this reason he decided to make the entire Planet his own laboratory and turn its humanoid inhabitant into lab rats to develop xenomophs an ultimate weapon that would be capable of destroying Engineer and their Planet.

It looks like his plan was such full and at the of Alien: Covenant, he has xenomorphs and the entire ship at his disposal.

Actually a few days ago,  a screenwriter Damon Lindelof who worked with on Ridley Scott , said in an interview that the planet that we see in Alien Covenant is not Engineer home world. It’s not exactly what Damon and Ridley original planned for it and the planet ended up being a detour settlement for what can be actual Engineer home world.

There is also one inhabitant that steps out of the crowd when the Juggernauts arrives. 

Another interesting detail is that there are no Females in the crowd on Paradise. Perhaps their species themselves are engineered. They may not be born or have an entirely different mode of reproduction that is dependent on Engineers. Perhaps they need some version of the Black Goo to reproduce and since Engineers did not appear for hundreds of years, their race was slowly dying off. To the point that there is one city left on the entire planet and its inhabitants celebrated the arrival of Jugernauts because they thought it would literally give them life. If this theory is true, then maybe When David learned the Engineer ways, he also learned about this planet and thought and it would be better to destroy this kind of humanoid race and stop thier slow and painful extinction

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