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300tube Rshill7   15 June, 2017

Right On Cue! Gun Control! Gun Control! Here's Dana Loesch!

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6-15-17...9:25 AM EST.

Posts Dana Loesch Destroys Democrat That Can Not Wait To Weaponize The Latest Attack From The Left
Posts Tucker Carlson Completely Owns Anti-Gun Activist In Gun Control Debate
Posts Mark Steyn on CNN's "Credibility Crisis" This is Good and Very Funny!
Posts Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino! Spot on Awesome!
Posts After Trump-Hater Shoots Congressman, 1 Detail About His Gun Sends Liberals Into Frenzy
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Posts The Latest from Ann Coulter
Posts Michelle Malkin: "Climate of Hate and Assassination Fascination!"
Posts Congressman Shot..Are Looser Gun Control Laws The Answer?? - The View
Posts Nooot and Dobbbs! Healthcare AND Fake News! Sweet!
Posts Eric Trump Sounds Off! This is NICE! Gonna Watch it Thrice!
Posts Michelle Malkin Throws Down on the GOP and Fake Stream News!
Posts Judge Nap: Baseball, AR-15, D.C., Scalise, Comey, and Mueller
Posts Dana Loesch Tells Martha MacCallum “This Isn’t a Gun Issue.”
Posts Nobody is More Fascist than "Antifa"! TRUTH!
Posts Rand Paul Has a New HC Idea! He Explains!
Posts Here's the New Chair of the House Oversight Committee...Trey Gowdy!
Posts The Latest from Jason Chaffetz as He Prepares to Leave Congress
Posts Ben Shapiro Wrecks Preppy Leftist Pastor On Gun Control
Posts Clarence Thomas: ‘Improbable’ that 2nd Amendment Only Protects Carrying a Gun in Your Home
Posts FBI Investigation of Bernie Sanders and his Wife! Karl Rove Weighs in!
Posts Gun Control, Concealed Carry and NRA
Posts Gun Control - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 61
Posts Lindsey Graham & Chuck Grassley GO OFF In Fisa Hearing. GIVE HIM AN ANSWER 6/27/17
Posts Alan Dershowitz to Democrats "Face it We Lost!"
Posts Rand Paul's Rebuttals on HC and "Week-kneed Republicans"! Watch!
Posts Gun Control Debate After Congressional Shooting - The View
Posts Two More Eyewitnesses! Rep Wenstrup and Sen Jeff Flake! Wow!
Posts The Rampant Hypocrisy of the Left. Chuck Woolery!
Posts A New Interview with President Trump!
Posts Mark Steyn: ‘The Left Wants to Denormalize and Dehumanize’ Political Opponents ‘Carlson’
Posts The Latest from Rand Paul After Meeting with Pres Trump!
Posts A Visit with Speaker Ryan In the Capitol. Interesting!
Posts It's Time the Investigators Were Investigated!
Posts Mark Steyn Coins a New Phrase "Deep State Dinner Theater" Excellent!
Posts Tucker Carlson Owns Gun Control Activist On Chicago Murders
Posts Bill Whittle's Hot Mic | Dana Loesch: Comey and the Media - 6/8/17
Posts A New Report on North Korea and Available U.S. Options!
Posts Who REALLY Has a Russia Problem, Trump or Obama-Clinton?
Posts Acosta Unhinged? Is That a Question? ACOSTA UNHINGED! Better.
Posts Why Feminism Is So Detrimental To Men AND Women - Dana Loesch - The Blaze
Posts History of Repeated Calls to Congress! Here's One Such Congressmen!
Posts The House is Moving on Kate's Law This Week! Report!
Posts Mark Steyn Weighs in on Europe's Demise and Canada's Speech Laws!
Posts "Mansplaining," Gun Control Advocate Tells Black Gun Owner Why She Doesn't "Need" a Gun
Posts Feminist Wants More Gun Control Because Terrorism??
Posts Ben Shapiro Wrecks Cocky Leftist Pastor On Gun Control!!
Posts The Argument Against Gun Control
Posts Mississipi Court: Allowing Refusal Of Service
Posts Reality Check: So the Left’s Lying to Push Gun Control. AGAIN.