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300tube The Common Sense Show   29 December, 2016

The Elite's Most Favorite Form of Entertainment

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Posts Foreign Troops Pouring Into the USA-Prepare for Civil War
Posts Facebook Will Soon Have More Dead People Accounts Than Living
Posts The Last American Garage Sale Before They Dispose of Us
Posts Fukushima Radiation is in the Water, the Food and It's In Us
Posts Life Expectancies Decrease by 25%- Gulf Coast Is a Dead Zone the Size of New Jersey
Posts Predictive Programming-The Last Ship
Posts Only One Ex-President to Attend Inauguration
Posts Obama's Talking Like He's Not Leaving Office
Posts All the Rats Are Leaving the USA-Paul Martin and Dave Hodges
Posts Armies Coming From the South
Posts The Real Reason that 38 Democrats Are Not Attending the Inauguration
Posts The Psyops of Stadium Security and Why You Should Not Submit
Posts The Elite Don't Want You to Know How Powerful You Are
Posts Who Will Be Sent to a Fema Camp
Posts Prominent Hollywood Insiders Exposing the Satanic Evil of Hollywood
Posts You Won't Believe What's Being Stockpiled at Warren AFB-Paul Martin and Dave Hodges
Posts The Globalists Have Only One Option Left Prior to Assassination
Posts SCOTUS Hands Trump a Major Victory
Posts Dumping Patients and Stealing Essential Supplies from the Homeless
Posts Newt Gingrich Turns on Trump
Posts VZ Gov Attacked by Stolen Helicopters Piloted by Ex-Police
Posts EU Courts Fine Google 2.7 billion for Skewing Searches
Posts Secret Branch of Military Being Formed-And It Not of This Earth
Posts Paul Martin- New Years Eve Tragedy
Posts UCLA's an Enemy of the First Amendment and Christian Conservatism
Posts Secret Service Agent Is In Very Big Trouble
Posts California Is Obliterating the Constitution- Time for Civil Disobedience
Posts BREAKING- Snapchat is Now Poison to Your Children
Posts Trump Is Compromised Says Paul Craig Roberts
Posts Hillary Under Investigation by the State Department for the Mishandling of Emails
Posts America's Children Have Low IQs -Do you know why?
Posts Comey Guilty of 3 Felonies
Posts You Won't Believe What Soros Called Trump
Posts There Is a Very Important Party and You Are Not Invited
Posts Salon Website Is Removing the Last Taboo-Their Sponsors Need to Held Accountable
Posts The Alt Media Is Outdrawing CNN
Posts Joe Hagmann and Dave Hodges
Posts Delaware Professor Who Rejoiced In Warmbier's Passing Is Fired- Major Victory
Posts Who REALLY Built the Pyramids
Posts Soros' Second Civil Conflict Unfolding- Paul Martin Interview
Posts What Is Obama's Next Provoking Move After Expelling 35 Russian Diplomats?
Posts We Are Relcaiming Lost Freedoms, Don't Quit Now -Freedom Is Never Free
Posts Breaking: Major Escalation Between China and India-MSM Blackout
Posts Is the Alt Media Going Extinct?
Posts The Shut Down of the Independent Media Bill Signed Into Law by Obama
Posts Russian Incomes Are Up 3 Percent in May While Americans Work at 2nd and 3rd Jobs
Posts CNN Is Crumbling Under the Weight of Its Own Fake News
Posts Prepare to Defend Yourselves, Says the Czech President to His People
Posts Don't Californicate the Rest of the Country