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300tube The Common Sense Show   29 December, 2016

The Elite's Most Favorite Form of Entertainment

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Posts Robert Kudla and Dave Hodges
Posts Could the Millenials be Correct-In Rejecting the System?
Posts Six Weeks to the Shut Down of America
Posts All the Rats Are Leaving the USA-Paul Martin and Dave Hodges
Posts Half of Retail Jobs Could be Gone Today- What to do with the workers
Posts Facebook Will Soon Have More Dead People Accounts Than Living
Posts Predictive Programming-The Last Ship
Posts Who Will Be Sent to a Fema Camp
Posts Reporter Posobiec Links Comey to Susan Rice Criminal Activities
Posts Only One Ex-President to Attend Inauguration
Posts The Elite Don't Want You to Know How Powerful You Are
Posts DNC Officials Are Panicked Over Seth Rich-Podesta Has Nowhere to Hide
Posts Fukushima Radiation is in the Water, the Food and It's In Us
Posts Foreign Troops Pouring Into the USA-Prepare for Civil War
Posts Is the Alt Media Going Extinct?
Posts The Last American Garage Sale Before They Dispose of Us
Posts America's Children Have Low IQs -Do you know why?
Posts Chaos In Colorado: The NWO Is Making Their Move
Posts Obama's Talking Like He's Not Leaving Office
Posts The Globalists Have Only One Option Left Prior to Assassination
Posts You Won't Believe What's Being Stockpiled at Warren AFB-Paul Martin and Dave Hodges
Posts Trump Is Compromised Says Paul Craig Roberts
Posts Armies Coming From the South
Posts Who REALLY Built the Pyramids
Posts Healing Frequencies Will Replace Modern Medicine as the Cure to All Diseases
Posts Dumping Patients and Stealing Essential Supplies from the Homeless
Posts We are here for a reason. Twin Flames, Star Seeds, Lightworkers
Posts Fukushima Comes to America-The Hanford Disaster
Posts NEW! SHTF - Do or Die... WATER!
Posts The Psyops of Stadium Security and Why You Should Not Submit
Posts Soros' Second Civil Conflict Unfolding- Paul Martin Interview
Posts Oroville Dam Being Sabotaged
Posts Newt Gingrich Turns on Trump
Posts Ex-NSA Agent Reveals What Lies Ahead for America
Posts Secret Service Agent Is In Very Big Trouble
Posts The Coup Against Trump and the Intended Destruction of the US-Mike Adams and Dave Hodges
Posts Prepare to Defend Yourselves, Says the Czech President to His People
Posts The REAL REASON Why Podesta Joined the Washington Post
Posts Global Famine Has Begun -Paul Martin Interview
Posts Who's the Worst President in American History
Posts The Winner of This Space Conflict Will Rule the Planet
Posts The Real Reason that 38 Democrats Are Not Attending the Inauguration
Posts Sharks Are Invading US Beaches- Man Is the New Food
Posts Using Food As a Weapon Against America- Daniel Brigman-The CSS 5/21/17 (Hour 3)
Posts Which Is It Vladamir- Are You a Friend or Foe
Posts Wyoming in Chaos-Trouble for Trump - Paul Martin
Posts Why Trump Is Right About the Wall
Posts Is Your Church Still Serving the New World Order? Christians Facing Persecution
Posts More Foreign Troops In Colorado: The End Game Is Near- Paul Martin Interview