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300tube Mark Wiens   18 June, 2017

Thai Food Tour of Sichon (สิชล) - CURRY EEL and UNTOUCHED Coastal Beach Village in Thailand!

Sichon (สิชล) is an amazing beach coastal village in Thailand!
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Sichon (สิชล), Thailand - This is one of those pristine beach villages, that almost unseen Thailand, and what I loved so much about it was that it’s almost completely non-commercialized.
Ok, so my wife and I were spending some time in Nakhon Si Thammart, southern Thailand, visiting family. Nakhon Si Thammart happens to be one of my favorite provinces in Thailand for Thai food, known for being spicy and harsh, and you’ll find some amazing cuisine.
One day, we drove over to the tiny beach community village of Sichon (สิชล), I had heard about a small local fish market, and I was excited to check it out. We arrived at about 8 am, and it was one of those place where I got so excited because it was picture perfect. But then I saw all the empty trays of fish and I thought I had arrived too late because all the fish were gone. Luckily, an Aunty explained that the fishing boats hadn’t yet arrived, to my relief.
The fish market itself was beautiful, filled with friendly people, small delicious Thai street food snacks, and scenery to dream about. We had some patongko (ปาท่องโก๋) - 10 THB ($0.28), Chinese doughnuts and Khanom krok (ขนมครก) - 20 THB ($0.58), coconut griddle cakes, for breakfast, as we waited for the boats to come in.
Unfortunately the catch in Sichon (สิชล) today wasn’t the best, they were mostly small fish and nothing too exciting. But I did notice an Aunty selling some eels, and that caught my attention. The next thing you know, I was on the back of her motorbike, and we went back to her house to cook spicy chili eel (ผัดเผ็ดปลาไหล). It was truly an amazing experience seeing her cook the eel at her home in the village countryside.
For the rest of the morning we drove around Sichon, enjoying the stunning beach coastal scenery and finding a few interesting things along the way. They don’t really have many restaurants to choose from, so finally we found a small Halal eater on the side of the beach and went for it. Again, the Aunty’s were extremely friendly, and we ordered a few simple Thai dishes to eat along with the eel.
Sichon (สิชล) is a true off the beaten path destination in Thailand, and what I loved so much about it is that it’s so non-commercialized, peaceful and quiet, and the people in the community are so friendly and hospitable. It’s one of the most memorable places I’ve traveled in Thailand in a long time!
Sichon (สิชล), Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
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