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300tube Truth Witness   17 October, 2016

"I heard you!" Kellyanne "Pivot" Conway Snaps at CNN Anchor During Segment on Trump’s Behavior

Mr Trump has been hugely critical of Nato (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), a cornerstone of American foreign policy for more than 60 years.

He has attacked the organisation as obsolete and characterised its members as ungrateful allies who benefit from US largesse.

In one sense, Mr Trump's rhetoric simply gives voice to longstanding US concerns about most Nato members not meeting their goal of spending at least 2% of GDP on defence, while US defence spending is the largest in the world.

More recently, US Defence Secretary James Mattis travelled to Nato headquarters in Brussels to deliver his boss's warning.

Mr Mattis told Nato members Washington would "moderate its commitment" to the alliance if they do not take steps to increase their defence spending.

Only five (US, UK, Estonia, Greece and Poland) of the 27 member countries meet the spending requirement.

But Mr Mattis had also hailed Nato as a "fundamental bedrock" of trans-Atlantic co-operation, allaying European concerns about Mr Trump's previous comments about the alliance.

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