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300tube Mark F   15 June, 2017

The Violent Rhetoric from Media, The Left, and Hollywood Liberals Towards Our President Has To End

The Violent Rhetoric from Media, The Left, and Hollywood Liberals Towards Republicans and Our President Has To End. #ENOUGH! #Alexandria

Posts Johnny Depp Advocating For Trump's Assassination? Tucker Carlson
Posts Wounded Scalise & Republicans Mocked By Terroristic Social Media
Posts If You're White, You're Probably Racist, SJW Liberal Colleges Losing Their Minds
Posts If We’re Going To Blame Rhetoric, Which Side Really Incites The Violence?
Posts Obama Condemns Violent Campaign Rhetoric, But Has His Own Thrown Back In His Face
Posts Jake Tapper to Dem Rep: ‘Do You Worry That The Left Has Gone Too Far In Its Rhetoric?
Posts My goal is to get all #TrumpTrain members to push for the Drain the Swamp and MAGA Act of 2017
Posts Tucker Carlson Completely Owns Anti-Gun Activist In Gun Control Debate
Posts New Voices: 10 Ways To Spot A Liberal Male
Posts Shuster: Is right wing rhetoric helping to push violence in America?
Posts Top 5 Most Violent Obama Quotes Ever
Posts Violent Liberal Rhetoric and Threats to President Trump (Compilation)
Posts Huckabee: Left Wing Violence is a Threat to America's Way of Life
Posts Violent Rhetoric Against Republicans And Our President Everyday! THIS MUST STOP NOW!
Posts Jason Chaffetz Comments on Vile, Virulent, Democrat Crap!
Posts Triggered Fake News CNN, Let Me Give You A Tissue! 🤣
Posts Loretta Lynch Under Investigation - SEAN HANNITY REACTION - 6/23/17
Posts Tucker: Left, not Trump, to blame for 'body slam' incident
Posts Breaking: The U.S. Attorney's Office Has Declined Prosecution!!
Posts Trump's violent rhetoric
Posts Tom Ciccotta "The Left Gets A Pass for Violence If Committed in the Name of Social Justice"
Posts SUPREME COURT RUMBLE: Look Which Supreme Court Justice Is About To Leave
Posts Laura Loomer Full Interview - Protester Storms Stage At Play Depicting Murder of Trump
Posts Will JJ EVER Come Out of Her Shell?
Posts 3 Minutes of Donald Trump’s Violent Rhetoric and Its Predictable Results
Posts #ModerateLeft - Shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and Leftist Violence
Posts Sen. Chuck Grassley outs Schumer and Schiff! Says they KNEW Trump wasn't under investigation
Posts Sen. Warren "These Cuts Are Blood Money, People Will Die"
Posts ANOTHER protester storms the stage Trump 'Julius Caesar' tonight!
Posts Trump Supporter Buys Billboard Slamming Fake News: "Russia Didn’t Elect Trump, I Did!"
Posts Wife-beater Johnny Depp calls for Trump's assassination
Posts CNN caught staging news! literally staging a protest to fit their narrative. Wow!
Posts Feral Left - Liberals attack Trump supporters, each other
Posts Translator - SNL
Posts Vile Leftist Rhetoric
Posts Trump's Lawyer Just Brought The HAMMER Down On James Comey!!
Posts Liberals Spin Losing As Winning, Whoopi Goldberg "Democrats Didn't Lose in GA, It's Slow Progress"
Posts Tucker "MSNBC's Joy Reid... Suggests Steve Scalise Deserved To Be Shot"
Posts Violent Rhetoric Only Comes From the Right, Right?
Posts Jeh Johnson Says Russians Did Not Hack The DNC and Democrats Refused To Turn Over Server
Posts Tolerant Non-Violent Left Strikes Again!
Posts The Craziest Liberals on Earth
Posts 8 examples of political violence incited by the left via @Liz_Wheeler
Posts Left Wing Vitriol: Rhetoric of Bill Maher Part 2
Posts Queen of England Goes Behind Muslim Mayor’s Back With Shocking Announcement He Didn’t See Coming
Posts Queen of England Goes Behind Muslim Mayor’s Back With Shocking Announcement He Didn’t See Coming
Posts The Man Spreading Apocalypse
Posts Nancy Pelosi LIVID Left is Being Called out for Violence-Inciting Rhetoric
Posts Crazy Violent Left-Wing Extremists