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300tube Top 10s   14 June, 2016

10 Most EMBARRASSING Sports Photos

Top 10 most embarrassing sports photos
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 most embarrassing sports photos. Cheerleaders are known for their aesthetic poses and incredibly flexibility. However these can backfire, just like on this cheerleader. This cheerleader at a basketball game apparently didn’t realise that her costume is white, which turns transparent when wet. This photo looks like it’s taken straight out of an anxiety dream. But unfortunately, for the woman, it’s not. This photo was taken at a tennis match where a female player’s underwear fell down as she was playing. Don’t freak out… Ok, freak out but not too much, as the brown stuff around the shoes is vomit, not fecal matter. However, by the looks of the bystanders, they likely thought that this runner had some toilet trouble when running. In this funny photo, a jockey’s pants have fallen down, causing him to moon the whole track. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t just moon the track, but millions of viewers on television. This water volley ball player looks like she got a bit too into the game, as one of her breasts came right out of her swim suit! Unfortunately, a questionable sports photographer captured the event for all to see. In this soccer match in the UK, a player desperately tries to chase an opposing player to tackle him. He then found himself falling over and instinctively grabbed the players shorts. It looks like this Japanese hurdler didn’t quite make the jump. And when I say didn’t quite make it, I mean he missed it completely. In this unfortunately timed photo, 2 soccer players are warming up before a match. The players training made it look like they were doing something very inappropriate! Wrestlers can sometimes get into bizarre and inappropriate-looking positions when fighting. This photo is an example of one of these positions. In this rugby match, a player tries to get the ball from an opponent. However, he ended up grabbing the player’s shorts instead of the ball. #sports

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Cheerleader Skid Marks
Tennis Underwear
Runner Vomit
Mooning Jockey
Underwater Nip Slip
Gone With The Shorts
A Man Walks Into A Bar
Wacky Wrestlers
Take A Peep

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