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300tube HomeAutomationX   20 February, 2017

Amazon Echo Skills for Amazon Alexa and Echo Dot Skills

Skills you can add to your Amazon Echo, Alexa, or Amazon Eco Dot. Use the Alexa App to enable the skills. in the Alexa App there are many skills you can add. 10 skills which I picked out and you can enable and do yourself.  
If you ever forget which skills you have enabled, you can always click on your Skills in the Alexa App to see them

You can find the products on Amazon here
Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo Dot
Google Home

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The 10 Alexa skills we reviewed are the Alexa skill called Ditty, Alexa enable Ditty. The next Amazon Echo skill is Complibot, Alexa open Complibot.  We are going to have the Alexa skill open the magic door. After that Echo skill the next one is Alexa Inspire me. Then the Echo skill - Alexa open Focus Word. The funniest Alexa skill is Alexa ask for a fart. For a serious Alexa skill we ask Alexa Ask the Fool.  A relaxing Amazon Echo skill is Alexa open Stop Breathe Think. Then the next Amazon echo skill is Alexa open Ocean Sounds. Then the final Alexa skill is Alexa open Twitter reader

You can see there are many skills you can add to your Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa. The Amazon Echo's new skills essentially allows you to install apps on the Alexa virtual assistant. The ability to install apps (or skills) is unique to the Amazon Echo and can't be done with Apple's Siri or Google Home.

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